Travel Orlando On a Budget

Travel Orlando On a Budget

People have the false impression about the cost of touring Orlando. It is common belief that touring Orlando requires a large budget, and if you want to save money you will probably have a less than luxurious trip. I am here to break this urban myth. You can definitely have a fun and relaxing tour in Orlando, visit all the great places without having to empty the piggy bank.

This travel guide will hopefully come in handy and help you save money on your next trip to Orlando, without skipping any attractions.

  • Schedule Your Visit during the off season

As one of the most visited places in the United States, Orlando is rarely non-crowded. Fortunately, there are certain times throughout the year when it is less crowded as opposed to the stampede during summer.

Thankfully, Disney World has a trend of offering discount packages when schools start up around late August and early September. Since summer vacation is a more popular time for tourists to visit theme parks, it is best to avoid scheduling your visit during this time. Especially if you are looking to travel on a budget.

  • Orlando Tour Packages

It is advisable to look up some tour packages to Orlando. Many reputable companies and travel agents offer attractive tour packages which include almost all the amenities and facilities one requires. Usually when we plan a trip, paying for everything separately ends up taking a big toll on the wallet.

Hence, you should compare a few travel packages and choose the one that works for you and your group. These companies handle everything from booking the resort to providing discounted theme park tickets. In fact, some of these packages offer luxury transportation in Orlando for your touring needs.

  • Picking the hotel

On site resorts can feel like a great option but they are costly. If you do your research well and plan your stay thoroughly, it is even possible to find budget-friendly accommodation during peak season. And of course, once school starts Disney offers various discounts on rooms.

But even after the discount, it can be pricey for some of us. So, consider your nearby options. It is possible to find extravagant hotels with great reviews around the Disney resorts and they are not as far as you would think. It is also wise to choose a hotel that offers shuttle service that goes from the hotel to theme parks.

  • Saving on Meals

You might be tempted to shell out on the mouthwatering mega deals at Disney World, but pace yourself. A lot of these ordinary food items are way overpriced. You can easily opt for the chain restaurants in Orlando and have your main meals away from the parks.

It also helps to pack some meals, something simple like PB&J sandwiches to snack on throughout the day. Walking around the parks can starve you and it is almost impossible to avoid spending money on food. Try to keep these purchases smaller and confined to snacks.

  • Transportation

Orlando has the busiest airports, Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Sanford. It is much cheaper to go through Tampa airport and using rental cars. And in case you are opting out of driving, you should try to find accommodation on the International Drive and hail the I Ride Trolley.

Corporate WorldWide Transportation is the best way to get around Orlando for tourists. I Ride Trolley is affordable but they stop at all the important spots. It visits the Orlando Premium Outlets and SeaWorld as well as many other attractions on that course. The best part is that the I Ride Trolley offers a 7-day pass, which is super cheap and convenient.

  • Attractions

Orlando has a giant list of places you want to visit. It is heaven for kids thanks to Walt Disney World, only thirty minutes Southwest of downtown. Disney World has always been and aims to be a work-in-progress, so there is always something new for repeat visitors.

Universal Studios, Orlando is a megacomplex for all-things entertainment, so it is a MUST-SEE if you are going to Orlando. Apart from these, you should also drop by the Kennedy Space Center as well as the beaches of Atlantic and Gulf. These are all affordable locations and within sixty miles of central Florida.

  • Be Skeptic and Careful

There are criminals in Orlando who tend to target tourists. Try to blend in and hide your cash in secret pockets or money belts to avoid it getting snatched. Also beware of discount deals and cheap rooms. There are many deals and discounts all around but most of these come with a catch.

  • Go-Orlando Card

This card is a lifesaver. You should buy this before your trip, and it will be activated on its first use. But it is best to organize your itinerary before you purchase the Go Orlando card, since you want to make sure it includes the parks you want to visit.

  • Admission Fares

You want to do your homework about admission fares to the parks and tourist attractions. People are often shocked about the ticket and admission prices after reaching Disney!

  • ‘Free’ Attractions

Orlando has many attractions that can be considered free. These include Universal’s City Walk, the Sunday Farmer’s market, Disney Springs, and Harry P. Leu Gardens. These locations do not require any admission fees and are perfect for picnics or day out with the kids.

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